The Best Camera for Backpacking and Hiking in 2020

We all love to capture our adventures on photo so we can share these images on social media or with friends and family. Quality photographs are especially important for documenting backpacking adventures because these are usually the types of trips that bring you up close and personal with nature and with lots of beautiful scenery.

It isn’t always easy to take along a good quality camera when you are already limited on space. Backpacks can get pretty heavy really quickly and you really do need to consider what you take along carefully. 

The best camera for backpacking is something that takes good quality photos yet is small and compact in design so you can carry it with ease and keep it close by in your pocket at all times. Today you can find a huge variety of sleek and tiny cameras on the market but we do believe that the GordVE digital camera is one of the best picks for these types of adventures.

The GordVE Digital Camera


This little camera doesn’t look like much but you will be amazed at the quality pictures this camera can take. It features a black design with a large 2.7” TFT LCD display. The camera is extremely light and at 3.7 x 2.32 x 0.63 inches it is nice and compact which means you can carry it around with you without feeling strained or fatigued.

The camera packs some powerful features. It has a CMOS sensor, takes images in JPEG and AVI and has a video resolution of 1280x720 in HD, 640x480 in VGA and 320x240 in QVGA. It offers 8X digital zoom and has anti-shake support built into the camera. The 18MP camera can detect your face and smiles and also features some other settings such as Exposure, white balance, sense, ISO, a self-timer, flash and other digital features such as lots of shooting modes. The camera isn’t waterproof but it can handle quite a large temperature reading that ranges from 0 - 40 degrees C.

Transferring your images from the camera to other devices is very easy. The camera has a USB 2.0 interface and functions well on Windows XP/VISTA/7/MAC. The camera can also take an SD card which isn’t included with the camera. This little camera is perfect for your travels since it functions with Li-ion batteries. 


  • Size - 3.7 x 2.32 x 0.63
  • Display - 2.7 inch TFT LCD
  • SD card - compatible but not included
  • USB - 2.0
  • Resolution - 21 MP
  • Video resolution - Up to 1280 x 720 HD
  • Zoom - 8X digital
  • Features - Anti-shake, smile capture, timer, white balance, exposure, sense, ISO, self-timer, flash and more.
  • Work temperature - 0 - 40C 
  • Batteries - Li-ion up to 60 minutes battery life
  • Extras - USB cable, Portable pocket, Hand strap m Drivers disk and user manual
  • System requirement - Windows XP/VISTA/Mac


  • The camera is very easy to use
  • It is small and light which makes it very easy to take along everywhere
  • It fits comfortably into a pocket or handbag
  • Includes lots of digital features such as red-eye removal, zoom, smile capture and more
  • USB and memory card function makes it easy to transfer data
  • Resolution shooting of up to MP or 750P HD recording
  • The camera ha slots of shooting modes
  • The quality LCD screen allows you to see what you capture so you can edit or delete.


  • Memory card not included
  • The operation can be challenging to understand
  • Manual is rather small 


This is one of the best cameras to take along on all of your journeys. It takes superb quality photos and videos and fits comfortably into your handbag. The little camera is packed with lots of digital functions to help you get the best shots and transferring data from the camera to a laptop is very easy. 

The Victor Camera Tripod


One of the biggest challenges for photographer backpackers is to hold the camera still enough so they can capture brilliant quality photographs. A camera tripod is a must for any serious photographer but most tripods are a bit too bulky and heavy for backpacking.

If you already have a good quality camera and need a good tripod that is light in weight, portable and easy to include in your backpacking kit then you should consider the Victiv Camera Tripod. 

This camera tripod is very stylish with its chrome blue legs. It folds down to a compact 22.4” size and is very light at just 3.97 lbs. Backpackers absolutely adore this tripod because it is so easy to include in your backpacking kit for your travels. The tripod can be set up to different heights which include 20.9, 32.3, 44.5, 57.9 and up to 71.7 inches in height. It allows you to set up your camera for steady capturing with great ease and can also be used as a center column stand by removing the center column from the tripod and using that individually.

The tripod is quite durable. It is made of 85% Aluminium Alloy which doesn’t stain or tarnish and stays in great condition for a long time. It is also fitted with a 3-way swivel head that allows you to tilt or change the view of the camera by up to 360 degrees. 


  • Weight - 4 lbs
  • Support weight - up to 8.8 lbs
  • Minimum height - 21”
  • Max height - 72”
  • Brand compatibility - Universal
  • Model compatibility - Universal
  • Tilt range +90/-60 degrees
  • Tilt lock - yes
  • Pan lock - yes
  • Materials - Anodized aluminum
  • Monopod function - yes


  • The stand is functional for all brands and models of camera
  • It can handle a camera weight of up to 8.8 lbs
  • At just 4 lbs it is nice and light
  • The stand can be set up on different heights that range from 21 - 72”
  • It has tilt lock and tilts flexibility
  • Made of strong and durable materials
  • You can get it set up under 1 minute
  • It is very easy to use
  • The overall look of the tripod is quite beautiful


  • Tripod legs don’t have the widest footprint
  • Not too light for long-distance walking
  • Contains lots of plastic components


This is a superb tripod to get for your backpacking expeditions. It folds up nice and small, isn’t too heavy and the tripod is compatible with all types of cameras. It is also very flexible and offers various height adjustments and can be used as a monopod.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a good camera to take along on your journeys then the GordVE Digital Camera is a good pick. It takes superb quality images and videos and is the perfect travel size. If you already have a camera and require a stand then we recommend the Victiv Camera Tripod. This tripod is very tough and flexible. It will suit any type of camera and will offer you lots of comfort during photography expeditions.

We hope that this product review served you well in learning more about the best camera and camera tripod to get for your backpacking adventures right now. And if you are looking for some other gear, we hop over to some of our other project reviews where you can learn about all the best products in these alternative ranges.