best backpacking sleeping bags under $100

11 Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags Under $100

Getting some quality sleep is one of the toughest things to do when you are out and about on a backpacking adventure. In these adventures, you never know what the terrain for your next nap is going to look like and the weather can often be very unpredictable.

A good sleeping bag is a must-have to include in your backpack if you are planning on sleeping under the stars. These bags are usually insulated to keep warmth trapped inside while you sleep and many of these bags are also water or splash proof to keep you dry in foggy conditions. They also offer extra padding to keep you more comfortable as you sleep on the ground or odd terrains.

Modern sleeping bags are available in quite a few different styles and designs. The first sleeping bags dating back to 1880 were made of buffalo hide and were pretty bulky and tough to sleep in although these bags were effective for keeping you warm at night. Modern bags are much cozier and more functional. Modern sleeping bags are rated based on comfort, upper and lower limit and survival ratings. You also get indoor and outdoor sleeping bags that greatly vary in terms of design. 

If you are looking for a good sleeping bag for your backpacking trips then you should consider something that is very light, portable and compact when folded so your sleeping bag won’t weigh you down. Other features to look for in a suitable sleeping bag are water resistance, comfort, warmth, and something that offers a good insulation rating.

 We considered a lot of sleeping bags currently available on the market and concluded that the following two are some of the best buys for your camping or backpacking adventures;

The Winner Outfitters Mummy Sleeping Bag


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This sleeping bag design reminds of a caterpillar in a cocoon or, well, a mummy wrapped tightly in covers. The sleeping bag is available in various colors such as orange, navy blue, olive green and royal blue. All of these bags are two-toned and contains the Winner Outfitters brand on the front. The sleeping bag looks very sporty and is designed to fit your body snug thanks to a tapered design. It features a long zipper and covers your head while leaving your face open.

The sleeping bag is 87” long and 33” wide. It offers a temperature ranging of 35 - 40 degrees F and offers sufficient protection in temperatures as low as 15 degrees. The sleeping bag is made of quality 350T water-resistant polyester with a polyester lining and cotton filling. The SBS zipper used in this sleeping bag is one of the best in the world. 

It is very easy to carry with you as it folds up nice and tightly and weighs only 3lbs. The sleeping bag also comes with a 14” carry bag that keeps the sleeping bag clean and dry.

It is a very comfy sleeping bag since it offers a lot of cotton padding and has a box-shaped foot area that allows you to move. The bottom can also unzip for more ventilation during warmer nights. The face opening is also fitted with a drawstring so you can snag the hood firmly around your face. Another big bonus of this bag is that it is machine washable.


  • Weight - 3lbs
  • Size - 30 x 87 inch
  • Shape - Mummy
  • Colors - orange, navy blue, green and royal blue
  • Features - Ultra-soft and warm and has two free sacks
  • Temperature - 35F - 40F
  • Materials - 350T Water-resistant polyester and cotton filling
  • Function - Includes a long SBS zipper and drawstring hoodie


  • The sleeping bag is machine washable
  • It is light in weight and folds compact
  • It is water-resistant
  • Lots of padding enhances insulation and offers more comfort
  • The bag offers a sufficient temperature generation of 35 - 40F
  • Beautiful in design
  • Nice and large with sufficient room to move your feet
  • Comes with a compression sack


  • Stuff sack might be a bit large
  • Can be too warm for spring or autumn weather
  • The zipper can be challenging to close from inside


This is a terrific sleeping bag to carry with you if you need something light, water-resistant and comfy. The bag offers good insulation and will protect you from cold climates while enhancing general sleep comfort on your trip.

The Teton Sports TrailHead Mummy Sleeping Bag

1 Teton Sports TrailHead

This sleeping bag by Teton Sports is another good pick for backpacking. The sleeping bag is available in various two-tone colors that include orange and green. The sleeping bag is quite stylish in design. The bright colors on the top of the sleeping bag are excellent for enhancing aerial visibility as you sleep on the ground. It is available in two different size options, scout and adult. 

The bag has a mummy design with a hoody that fits firmly around your head. It is nice and soft yet still breathable since it is made of double-brushed linen with a cotton padding It is also fitted with a long zipper and zipper draft tube at the foot box. 

The bag is nice and large at 75 x 30 inches and folds up nice and compact size of just 13 x 7 x 7 inches for easy portability. It offers a temperature rating of +20F. At 2.4 pounds it is also very light to carry with you on backpacking adventures.


  • Weight - 2.4 lbs
  • Size - Adult 87 x 32 x 22” Scout 75 x 30 x 20”
  • Colors - orange & green
  • Water-resistant - no
  • Materials - double-sided brushed linen with cotton padding
  • Temperature rating - +20F
  • Extras - comes with compression carry bag


  • The sleeping bag folds compactly 
  • It is nice and light
  • It does offer sufficient insulation and is functional for temperatures over 20F
  • It is also perfect for warmer weather conditions during spring and autumn
  • The mummy design is fitted with a hoodie that fits snug around your face
  • Light and portable
  • Nice and comfortable
  • Fabric is breathable
  • Breathable fabric is a nice addition


  • The bag is a bit thin
  • Some say the temperature rating is off. Add about 20 degrees for the best outdoor protection
  • Scout size is a bit small for some women


If you need something lightweight, portable and breathable yet comfy then this is one of the best sleeping bags to include in your kit. 

Final Verdict

Both of these sleeping bags are excellent picks if you are out and about on your adventures. These bags are both padded and created with roomy designs to enhance your comfort while you sleep. They fold down to a nice and compact design for easy carrying and are nice and light to help prevent fatigue. 

If you find it hard to choose the best one then perhaps this quick guide can help;

The best for foggy climates - If you are camping in humid areas that are prone to rain then the sleeping bag by Winner Outfitters is the best pick since it is waterproof.

The comfiest - Both are comfortable although the Winner Outfitters does have a slight advantage in this sector due to thicker padding.

The best for cold weather - The Winner Outfitters is also a top pick for chilly winter temperatures.

The best for warmer weather - If you need a sleeping bag that is suitable for autumn or spring trips then the Teton Sports is probably the best pick. It is lighter and airier thanks to breathable fabric.

We hope that this guide served you well on your journey to finding the best backpacking sleeping bag for under $100. For more great advice on the best backpacking equipment, we welcome you to also have a look at some of our other product reviews featured on this site. 

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