TETON Sports Mountain Ultra 3 Tent Review

TETON Sports Mountain Ultra 3 Tent Review

Camping has been one of the most favored pastimes for decades - and for good reason. It gives you the best opportunity to get away from day-to-day life, create memories with the ones you love, and spend much needed time out in nature. To make sure that you can get all of the positives out of your experience, you need to arm yourself with the proper equipment.

Outside of packing enough food, water, and travel gear, you will need a high-quality tent to give you the security and safety you need when you are out in the wilderness. With that, there are so many options to choose from on the market, and attempting to pick one on your own can be pretty overwhelming.

In today's article, we are taking a look at the Mountain Ultra 3 tent from TETON Sports. Breaking down all of its features and what makes this product unique will help you gain a better understanding of tents and will narrow down your options to save you time and energy. But first, let's take a look at a couple of features you need to familiarize yourself with to choose the perfect one.

TETON Sports Mountain Ultra 3 Tent


The first thing to think about when it comes to having a tent is the assembly process. After hiking or driving for a while to find the perfect place to camp, the last thing you want to do is spend even more time figuring out how to put your tent together, especially if you are on a solo journey.

Look for tents that have clear and easy to read instructions that break down all the details and have some form of visual to refer to. Some brands even have color-coded parts to make the process simpler and faster.

Pole connection is the leading factor in deciding how much time it will take to set up, with the main options to choose from being sleeves and clips. With sleeves, you will have to spend extra time placing them inside the holes on the tent. With clips, you attach them directly to the poles, and you are finished.


The weight of your tent is important as well. When camping, you want to make sure your tent is as light as possible so that going from place to place won’t be too much for your back. There are quite a few factors that contribute to weight, and these are the things to look for in a product’s description.

Different materials that the tent can be made out of is where most of the weight lies, with some materials being heavier than others. Any tent that has cotton will be heavier than ones that don't. The material that the poles themselves are made out of matters as well and the ones to look out for are aluminum and carbon fiber, two of the lightest ones.

TETON Sports Mountain Ultra 3 Tent Weight

The size is self-explanatory with a bigger tent being heavier than a small one. Knowing if your tent of choice is freestanding or non-freestanding can also be beneficial but does not have as much a direct impact as the features mentioned. But, if weight is very important to you, non-freestanding tents are usually lighter, although for most the significance isn't noticeable.

The Product


  • Made with a ventilated and waterproof rainfly for breathability
  • Mesh covered roof for a view of the sky
  • Easy packing into the complimentary storage bag
  • Lightweight, micro-mesh tent


TETON Sports has worked to create a tent that makes spending time outdoors easy, fun, and stress-free. The Mountain Ultra Tent is made to make the assembly process quick and straightforward. It is also lightweight and easy to break down once it's time to pick up and move, with a built-in ventilation system, windows, and mesh top for added convenience.


Our favorite thing about the Mountain Ultra Tent is how many features are in place for added convenience, the first being the assembly process. The tent comes neatly packaged within the storage bag to make the job easy.

All we needed to do was lay down the tent on the ground, insert the poles into the grommets on either side, use the clips on the perimeter to get the tent to stand and secure it in place, and we were done. When we needed to apply the rainfly, all we had to do was place it on top and snap it into place.

The Ultra 3 version allows room for three people to sleep comfortably, and the tub-like floor made it feel very cozy and at home. The sheet that goes underneath the tent does a great job at making sure that no moisture from the ground can be felt under us or on our belongings.

TETON Sports Mountain Ultra 3

The tent itself is made out of micro-mesh material. It fights off condensation a lot better than other brands, and the material provides a great ventilation system that keeps the inside breathable. The material makes it lightweight as well, with this particular one weighing in at about six pounds, which isn’t too bad for a three-person tent.

What Others Say

The Mountain Ultra Tent was well-received and left many campers and backpackers satisfied. Many said that the tent held up in different terrains without a problem, with some dealing with harsh weather like snow and heavy winds, despite it not being specifically designed for it.

The majority found the easy setup to be its best feature and love how the mesh material does what is intended with keeping unwanted critters out of the tent, especially at night. The only complaint that some seemed to have was that it was not able to hold up that well during treks that lasted over the course of many weeks in the way they hoped it would.

Buying Advice

If you are interested in taking a further look into this tent and want to try it for yourself, you can find it priced at just under $160. Keep in mind that the Mountain Ultra Tent also comes in different sizes, so you are not limited to just the three-person option.


The TETON Sports Mountain Ultra 3 is an excellent addition to your camping adventure, whether you are a beginner or expert. We hope that this article has given you some insight on how a high-quality tent looks like so that you can make the perfect choice on your first try. Thank you for reading.