Ozark Trail 11 Person Tent Review

Ozark Trail 11 Person Tent Review

The Ozark Trail 11 Person Tent is a very popular option for both casual campers and experienced professionals. It owes its prominence to the variety of exciting features and alluring options it brings to the table.

You might be wondering how this tent ranks up against other instant cabins in the market. Well, it certainly has a reasonable price tag, and a comfortable interior adding to its appeal.

So why choose an Ozark trail tent? Is this cabin better than most other readily available models in the market? Feeling slightly unnerved and unsure of what tent option is best for you? Don’t be! We’ve written this review to help you better your understanding of this product and see if it fits your needs.

We’ve compiled a list of the tent’s best features to help you decide whether you should spend your money on it. Let’s get right into it.

First Look at the Ozark Trail 11 Person

The best thing about this tent is that it is an amazing option for campers looking to go on long trips with many nights sleeping outside. It has three rooms, so it’s a good choice for families that are looking to travel and camp together.

The tough build is a good choice if you’re going camping in harsh external conditions. The price is a nice selling point as well. The tent feels quite roomy and spacious, so you won’t be having a cramped experience.


We found that although it is generally sturdy, it isn’t built for conditions that are too heavy. For example, the tent is generally waterproof in a low drizzle, but not effective in heavy rain or hail.

It seems as though the perfect time to use this cabin tent is in the summer months. The canopy in the front is an often overlooked but incredibly useful feature. It provides shade from the sunlight so you can relax even in the early afternoon.

If you’re a family of 5-6 people, you can bring your usual luggage and it won’t feel too crowded in the tent.


Let’s discuss some of the most prominent features of the Ozark trail cabin tent and look at a brief overview of its construction.

  • Brand name: OZARK TRAIL
  • Item Package Dimensions L x W x H: 11.81 x 11.89 x 29.69 inches
  • Tent Full Dimensions: 168“L x 168“W x 76“H
  • Item weight: About 33 pounds
  • Tent Space: 11 People
  • Assembly: The frame is pre-attached, instant
  • Materials: Polyester and Steel
  • Center Height: About 76 Inches or 1.83 m
  • Light and ventilation: Windows and side doors for sunlight
  • Warranty: Six months only

Overview of Features

  • Private Back Room
  • Very Fast Assembly
  • Mesh Roof with Rainfly
  • Three rooms
  • 4 Mesh Windows
  • Somewhat Waterproof
  • Port for Electrical Cable Access
  • Storage Pockets as Extra Storage Space
  • Safe and Reliable
  • Canopy 
  • Removable Curtains

The tent is big enough to fit 11 people making it a useful choice for larger groups and families. Moreover, the assembly process is extremely simple, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time setting it up. We tried it and were able to set the tent up in about two minutes. Pretty quick if you ask us.

Light and ventilation won’t be an issue as the cabin tent has six mesh windows and a side door. This ensures that you not only get enough light and ventilation, but that you can enjoy the sights of the outside world from the comfortable interior of your trail tent.

Pros and Cons

Let’s now look at some commonly discussed pros and cons of this product so you can make a more informed choice about purchasing.


  • Easy to set up and assemble
  • Can withstand difficult external environments, such as strong wind
  • Spacious interior
  • Affordable price
  • Good quality construction
  • Lightweight


  • No rain fly included for the back portion
  • The quality of the tent may be flimsy in a few cases
  • Is not 100% waterproof

Gold, Silver and Bronze Features

Great products can sometimes be hard for reviewers because they love everything about the product. This is usually because great products have so many desirable features that it’s often tough to choose what you like best about them. 

We faced a similar challenge with this tent. We did manage to single out our favorite qualities, so take a look and see whether they click for you as much as they did for us. 

Gold Feature – Speedy Assembly

We classified the top three features into gold, a silver, and a bronze rating to make them easier to highlight.

Here’s why this feature gets our top rating. Most modern cabin tents you find on the market will be notoriously difficult to assemble and set up. You’ll find that many manufacturers don’t place too much time and thought into making the assembly as easy as possible, even for the novice camper.

This is why this feature matters. You can see with the construction that Ozark has put a lot of effort into making the set up process as simple as possible. It saves you tons of time when setting up. Just unpack the tent, set it up and you’re good to go. As for a time estimate, two people can do it in a couple of minutes. If you’re working alone, it could take you anywhere from five to eight minutes depending on how fast you’re working.

You can stop worrying about complicated assembly processes with the Ozark trail tent. All you have to do is unpack the tent and set it into place.

Silver Feature – A private backroom

A private room at the back of the tent is an idea you probably won’t see with many other cabin tents on the market. Here’s the cool part: if you’re looking from the front, you’ll only be able to make out the tent form. You’ll see a regular tent. Once you step to the back, you’ll notice the private room.

The room offers a nice, cozy place to relax with extra privacy. If you want to separate yourself from the rest of the tent, the room has a zipper you can close. Because the structure is dome-shaped, it doesn’t add too much weight to the tent. 

You might think a lack of weight would compromise its sturdy nature, but it doesn’t since the dome sits low, close to the ground.

Bronze Feature – Multiple doors and windows

As we’ve previously mentioned, the tent has mesh doors and windows. We love this feature since it serves a dual-purpose.

Firstly, the doors and windows ensure that you have sufficient ventilation at all times. Also, light can enter through the windows and light up the interior. Secondly, the doors give you many entry and exit points. This means you won't have to disturb people in the way of the main, front entrance when you can simply exit in a different place. These entrances and windows make sure your camping experience is a pleasant one.

Complete Overview

Private room at the rear of the tent

This amazing bedroom has very nice construction. In terms of specifics, it has two windows that let in light and allow the air to circulate and ensure comfort.

It's private in the sense that the zipper closes to isolate the room from the others. It's the perfect choice to lay back, switch off, and relax in private.

Lastly, it has multiple uses. Whether you choose to use it as a relaxation spot or storage space, it’s a handy feature.

Easy Assembly

The private room we were talking about is not included in the instant assembly. For the rest of the cabin tent, extending the poles makes the assembly process very easy. 

As we've mentioned, the setup usually takes 5-10 minutes if you're working alone. If you expect bad weather or harsh conditions, this is the tent for you.

As for the back room, we had to get it off the ground manually. That's usually the most time-consuming process. You don't have to worry about this too much though. Why? Because the back room section of the tent isn't included in the basic, operational setup of the cabin. You don't have to set it up if you don't have enough room or if you're short on time.

All in all, the construction of the tent is very impressive, and the speedy assembly just adds to the glitter and shine of the product.


This is a very handy feature, in our opinion. It provides extra shade, which allows you to rest worry-free during the day when there's a chance that the sun might be burning too bright.

But that's not all. It gives extra protection against rainfall as well.

As for its construction, you can choose whether to stretch it out or to roll it and tuck it away. It allows for that slight flair of independence and mostly comes down to the external environment and personal preference.


The Ozark Trail tent allows for lots of ventilation. If you open the tent up during the day, you'll find that air can flow into the cabin tent fairly easily. You get lots of sunlight as well. Why? The answer is in the construction. The entrance at the front has two giant mesh openings. The windows allow plenty of air in. Even the roof has fully meshed net panels.

The best time to go camping with this tent is in the summer because the airflow inside the tent prevents humidity and allows for a pleasurable experience. But in humid, wetter climates, or when it's likelier to rain, you have a cover to put over the netted roof to prevent water leaking in. 

You’re much better off using it in warmer weather because the tent isn't 100% waterproof and water can seep into the tent.

FAQ about the Ozark Trail 11 Person Tent

How much headroom does this tent have?

The tent has plenty of headroom. The exact measurement is around 76 inches. That means most people can stand up to full-length without any discomfort.

Can this tent leak when it’s raining?

The short answer: yes. The product does come with a rainfly, but it only protects against light rainfall. As the rain gets heavier, it's more and more likely that water can seep through into the tent.

What about an opening for an electrical cord?

Yes, the Ozark trail tent has an opening for an electrical cord

How many dividers are there?

There are two room dividers in the tent. They divide the tent into three rooms, capable of giving space to a maximum of 11 people. The private room is built so that it is a different section as the two main rooms. It has a room zipper as well, to completely separate it from the other two rooms.

What are the measurements of the extra room?

The measurements of the extra room are eight feet wide and six feet deep. The main tent is 14 feet wide and six feet deep.

Is the back/private room waterproof?

To a certain extent yes, but not too much. Water can leak into the room during heavy rainfall. The window on the roof also makes it easier for water to seep inside.

Final Verdict

The Ozark trail tent is great for families and parties of hiking enthusiasts. It is ideal for prolonged journeys, and because of its roomy insides you rarely if ever feel cramped.

The biggest selling point for us was the price of the tent. The optional rooms, the lightweight design, and the sturdy build at a reasonable price is, quite frankly, a steal.

It’s a perfect cabin tent for hotter climates and sunny days because of the shade that its canopy provides. The extra room is private and has a unique appeal.

Our final verdict? This is a great product with tons of unique selling points and features. All in all, this is a handy, safe, and useful choice.