Marmot Tungsten 4P Tent Review

Marmot Tungsten 4P Tent Review

Whether you are an adventure enthusiast or a seasonal tourist, camping is one of the best ways to feel nature up close. Especially in summers when the weather is pleasant and the whole family enjoys a lakeside trip, camping makes the experience even more wonderful.

To choose the right kind of tent that fits your needs is an ordeal in itself. There are so many variants available on the market, but the one that offers the most promising features at a competitive price is the deal you should always opt for. 

Today, we are going to review Marmot Tungsten 4 Person Tent, and to make things easier for you, we will explain all of its features to help you decide why it might be the right choice for you. 

From its dimensions to its material, its capacity to its design, this tent is one of a kind. Marmot Tungsten Tent is versatile in all of these aspects and stands out from the crowd. 

In this review, we will go over its specifications in detail. 

Our Initial Thoughts

At first glance, we are immediately fascinated by its contemporary design. Spacious and functional with features such as a high headspace, almost vertical walls, an effective ventilation system via the extensive mesh, a catenary cut seamed flooring with an additional waterproof footprint makes it a winner.

Comfortable enough for four people, this model offers a complete camping experience. It is best to use in the spring, summer and fall, and can even work in rainy weather.

Its flooring and the curved design keep the water from entering the tent. And with pockets inside the tent and added vestibules, it keeps your stuff organized and offers greater storing space.  


Important Specifications at a Glance

  • Best Use-Backpacking/Camping/Hiking
  • Type-Freestanding Tent
  • Floor Dimensions-93” x 82”
  • Floor Area-53 sq ft
  • Vestibule Area-11 sq ft + 7.8 sq ft
  • Minimum Trail Weight-7 lbs 14.5 oz
  • Packaged Weight-8 lbs 11 oz
  • Capacity-4 People
  • Season-3-Season
  • Materials-Canopy Fabric: 40 denier polyester no-see-um mesh/100 denier polyester taffeta
  • Floor Fabric: 69 denier polyester taffeta
  • Rainfly Fabric: 68 denier polyester taffeta  
  • Center Height-52 Inches
  • Number of Doors-2 doors
  • Number of Poles-4 poles
  • Pole Type -Velocity & Velocity HD
  • Pole Diameter-8.5 mm and 9.5 mm
  • Clips Attached-Yes
  • Footprint Included-Yes
  • Electric Access-No

Overview of Features

  • The specific zone pre-bend feature offers vertical interior walls, spacious inner area, larger head space, and roomy feeling for the campers inside.
  • There are two d-shaped doors and two vestibules which offer a free standing design and make your entry and exit hassle free.
  • There are internal clips which are placed strategically to provide a greater internal area.
  • There are internal clips which are placed strategically to provide a greater internal area.
  • There is a complete coverage of seam taped flys with vents to keep the rainwater off your tent without compromising on the air ventilation.
  •  The floor is fully seam taped with catenary cut to ensure extended foot space.  
  • The tent contains color-coded & easy to pitch clips for a hassle free fixature.
  • The tent is effectively embedded with a lamp shade pocket to hold headlamps to provide brighter light.
  • The tent contains a footprint as well.

What We Found Interesting - The Top 3 Features

Before we go deep into our complete review of each feature, we have hand-picked the top three qualities of Marmot Tungsten that make it outshine the competitors on the market. 

So without further ado, let us take a closer look at them. 

Gold Feature - Dynamic Design

 The Marmot Tungsten is one of the best tent models the company has to offer. Excellent for four people, it is spacious and perfect for your camping adventures. The tent poles are uniquely styled contributing to a larger internal area than other models.

These poles are pre-bent with their knees angled vertically to form straight walls as compared to the dome shape models which are angled inwards and reduce the head elevation.

This model has two doors for easy entry and exit and two vestibules for storage, making it perfect for those who like to pack a bit more for their trips. The material used overall is waterproof ensuring you and your belongings are  well protected.

Silver Feature - Effective Ventilation

The Marmot Tungsten tent is incredible in terms of ventilation. It has an extended mesh around its wall and its ceiling to ensure proper ventilation is carried out and you feel at ease whether you are just hanging out or sleeping in it.

The tent also has vents on all sides over the tent fly, which when opened offers even better ventilation and minimum condensation in summers. When camping in chilly weather, the tapers can be lowered down to block the cold breeze.

The ceiling contains a mesh canopy which becomes see through when the upper fly is opened. This feature allows you to stargaze and enjoy those camping nights to the fullest.  

Bronze Feature - Lightweight and Easy to Carry

This model only weighs eight pounds making it a perfect choice for those who are frequent backpackers.

Given how much it offers - extended living space, large headspace, two doors and two vestibules, clips and HD Velocity poles, and an additional footprint, it has an incredible size to weight ratio. Easily to assemble and easy to pack, this tent is one of the best in the Tungsten range.   

Main Overview - Breaking down each of the details in depth:

Dynamic and Comfortable Design

The Marmot Tungsten 4 Person backpacking tent primarily focuses on the dynamic usability and comfort of its campers. It is livable during three seasons with a design that is structurally stalwart and reliable. 

Easy Accessibility for Entry and Exit

It contains two doors or outlets, making it conveniently accessible from two sides and ensuring easy entry and exit. This feature will make sure your kids do not fight over who gets to go in or out first, averting that subversive sibling rivalry, trust this parent.

Spacious Area and Storage Capacity

This Marmot Tungsten tent offers 53 square feet of spacious flooring area with sufficient space for reclining or enjoying a snack besides just sleeping in your sleeping bags. It also contains two vestibules to give you additional storage area - one at the front and one adjacent to the tent.

The front vestibule adds an area of 11 square feet for storing your gear and belongings, keeping them safe from bad weather conditions. In addition to the front vestibule, the secondary vestibule increases your storage space by another 7.8 square feet for safekeeping more of your stuff. 

Convenient Pockets

With multiple pockets inside of it, this tent helps you retain more of the flooring area for yourself and keeps your cables, chargers, cutlery, first aid kit and such accessories within reach.

This ensures that you do not go unpacking or searching for these important items. Another worth-mentioning feature of this tent is its lamp shade pocket. This pocket is specifically designed to hold a headlamp over the internal roof to keep your tent well lit. We recommend you use an SMD torch to ensure brightness.   

Favorable Assembly

We all know that setting up a tent can be a pretty daunting task in itself and to make this process easier and convenient, Marmot Tungsten offers purpose driven poles with pre bent knees.

These poles are made of aluminum and give your tent a very lightweight yet strong structure. With HD Velocity technology, these poles keep the tent firm with no extra corners being winded or prone to cracks, making it live long. 

Color Coded Clips and Potent Mobility

For added convenience in setting the tent up, Marmot Tungsten offers color coded clips which allow you to know which pole-end attaches to which tent orifice - making the task to be completed in just a couple of minutes. With a freestanding style once it is erected, it can be shifted to another spot at the camp-side as well - ensuring free mobility - but once placed, remains firm at the site.

With all these features it becomes an extremely simple task to put this tent up and then take it down (your 12-year old can do it too). 

Specialized Material

The material is both waterproof and stainproof. To keep the internal ambience airy and fresh, there is a special mesh on the walls and ceiling of the tent which ensures proper ventilation and keeps the humidity to a minimum. 

Catenary Cut Flooring

This tent is best used during spring, summer and fall. To keep it even more handy, its floor and rain-fly are properly seamed to keep the insides well-protected. An additional catenary cut insulation within the floor offers maximum safety. 

Customized and Fitting Footprint

Marmot Tungsten also contains a customized and properly fitted footprint which allows you to set it up as you desire. You won’t have to worry if your campsite is even, wet or muddy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can it withstand heavy rain and winds?

The mounting of the tent is strong enough to support it through rough weather conditions such as unexpected rain and winds. However, we suggest if there is constant rainfall or super windy, then you find a better shelter. The material used is waterproof, but it can’t handle the heady, downpours.

What is the capacity size for this tent?

The Marmot Tungsten tent is perfect for four individuals. Be it a small family camping in the woods or a group of friends out backpacking, it is ideal for keeping all of you comfortable and safe. It can also accommodate a pet in one of its vestibules. 

Do the poles come with attaching gear?

The tent has in-built clips to attach the poles for quick assembling. To make the whole process smooth and swift, the clips come color coded and the poles are pre-bent to give it a vertical and larger outlook. 

Our Concluding Thoughts

The Marmot Tungsten tent is a long-lasting deluxe article which is perfect for all sorts of campers and backpackers. It is a unique model in this range with its vertical-walls.

It offers large space for added comfort. Offered at a great price and ideal for three seasons, this tent is of top-notch quality. It has two doors for convenience, two vestibules for maximum storage capacity, embedded color-coded clips for easy assembly and many more features which ensure your camping experience becomes memorable.