KingCamp Melfi SUV Tent Review

KingCamp Melfi SUV Tent Review

Today, we’ll look into a one of a kind SUV tent and will review it so you make an informed decision and get the right tent for you and your adventure buddies. 

The KingCamp Melfi SUV Tent is one of the few reliable options available on the market. As far as its price is concerned, the company focuses on quality and specializes in creating an experience for its customers, therefore the product is priced at the upper end. 

The price tag may be a deal breaker for some, but for those who prefer quality over dollars, it may prove to be a go-get-it deal. 

To further explore, whether this model is the right fit for you or not, let us take a closer look at its specifications and features. 

Our Initial Thoughts

As we take an initial look at this tent, it is very eye catching and extremely spacious. Fit for a family or a group of friends; it easily attaches to your SUV and offers separate compartments to the individuals as you need.

The rear end of the SUV can be turned into a functional room with its zipping curtain. 


And it doesn’t end here, there is a screen room in this model as well, giving you the pleasure of stargazing or looking at nature up close from the comfort of your tent. 

Important Specifications at a Glance

  • Type-SUV Tent with added Screen Room
  • Dimensions-Tent: 9.5 x 9.5 ft (90.25 sq. ft.)
  • Screen Room: 9 x 6.5 ft (58.5 sq. ft.)
  • Height-6.5 ft.
  • Weight-38.8 lbs.
  • Capacity-6 Adults
  • Assembly-About 15 minutes (would require 2 persons)
  • Fabric & Materials-Outer Tent (Rain Fly): 190T Polyester
  • Inner Tent: 180T Polyester
  • Floor: Polyethylene 130 g/m2
  • Interior Features-Gear Pockets, 

    Ceiling Hook,Wire Threading

  • Poles-Steel and Fiberglass (shock-corded)
  • Waterproof-Yes (PU 3000mm)
  • Seasons-3 Season
  • Carrying Case-150D Waterproof Oxford (28.3” x 13.8” x 13.8”)

Overview of Features: 

  • Easy to attach with your SUV
  • Spacious 90 sq. ft. internal area
  • Material used is fire-proof
  • 3 Doors (D shaped and wide in size)
  • Water-proof Tent (with 3000 m proofing)
  • Added storage capacity (duffel bag)

Top 3 Features - That Stand Out  

Gold Feature - Easy to Connect and Convenient Assembly

Out of all the amazing features KingCamp Melfi SUV Tent has, the one that stands out the most is its easy-to-connect-with-your-SUV feature. This tent is attached to your vehicle via linkable sleeves which cover the back of the SUV.

The sleeves are fixed in place with belts and straps to ensure it does not dismantle from the hatch. These belts are also connected to the rims of your SUV to maximize the tent’s rigidity.

With this feature, you can also also use the back of your SUV as a sleeping space, or a storage area. The tent is suitable for six adults but with this added back space of your SUV, you can accommodate one or two more as per the need. Also when you are connected with your SUV, you save the hassle of walking to and fro between your campsite and your vehicle to grab stuff or put it back. 

Its assembly is also very convenient and takes only 15 minutes. Easily done with two individuals. Similarly. its dismantling is again won’t cause you any trouble. 

Silver Feature - Spacious Living Area and Separate Rooms

The KingCamp Melfi SUV offers a huge and spacious living area for six adults to sleep and recline in. In addition to that, it also has a secondary sitting area as a screen room.

This room allows you to sit within your tent and still enjoy the beauty of nature - perfect for looking at those distant waterfalls at a hill station or viewing those woods and the stars at your favorite campsite.

This secondary screen room serves dual purpose - it is large enough to install chairs and a table to sit back and relax, or it can be easily converted into a separate private sleeping area. Once the flaps in between are zipped up, both rooms become private.

Along with these two rooms, another one can be created at the cargo space of your SUV. It can also be separated by a zip-laden flap, allowing you to have three rooms while you're camping - incredible isn’t it? 

Bronze Feature - Excellent Proofing

This model is not only waterproof but it is also fireproof. The fabric of the tent is coated with a fire-resistant material which ensures maximum safety for you and your loved ones.

Similarly, the fly of the tent is also coated with 3000mm polyurethane to let that rainwater easily run off the surface. The flooring of the main sleeping area is U shaped to keep the water from entering, and that of the screen room is coated with waterproof polyethylene.

The zip-laden flaps are also coated with the same material to keep the mesh screens dry and to prevent the internal layers from getting soaking wet. 

Some Auxiliary Features

Strong & Sturdy Structure

The KingCamp Melfi SUV Tent is truly a king when it comes to strength and vitality. Its poles are made of fiberglass (shock corded) and steel. This material makes your tent more resilient to the weather conditions such as mild winds and rain. 

The fabric of this model is made of 180 T polyester, and that of the fly is made of 190 T polyester to keep it strong and long lasting. 

Effective Mesh

The tent walls contain mesh layers within the tent to keep it ventilated and well-lit. It also keeps the mosquitos and other bugs away, and offers a complete disturbance free experience for the campers.

Each door also has a zip-laded flap that lets you control how much of the air should come in and how much of the mesh should remain open. 

Internal & Added Features

This model possesses some additional features as well which make your camping experience worthwhile. The tent contains numerous built-in pockets which let you store your chargers, cables, plugs, first aid kits, pen knives, snacks and many more of such articles.

These pockets make it easy for you to find things when you need them.   

One of the key features of this Melfi is the ceiling hook which allows you to put up a light bulb or a hanging torch within the tent and keep it well-lit. Another major one is that you have your electricity source right with you (your vehicle’s battery) -  and you don’t have to carry any power banks.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Can it be used without an SUV?

Yes, it sure can. Just don’t pull out the connecting sleeve and it is ready to stand on its own.

Which models (of SUVs) are compatible with it?Almost all kinds of SUVs are compatible with this tent. The belts and the straps are easily fixed around most vehicles, making it a perfect choice for many.

How many compartments does it have?

This model has two separate compartments, the main tent room and the screen room. A third room can be made in the cargo space of your SUV. All three rooms can be separated via zip-laden flaps if required. 

Concluding Thoughts

The KingCamp Melfi tent offers a huge space, an added multifunctional screen room, wide awning for proper shade, and easily connects with your SUV in merely 15 minutes. Ideal for a group of people eager to experience camping with comfort. This product serves to be a good deal. 

It may be a little pricey for some, but for those who prefer a sleek design and top notch quality, this tent holds up to what it promises.