Best Winter Running Gloves to Buy

Best Winter Running Gloves to Buy

When the winter chill sets in, the first parts of your body that start to pain and feel numb are your feet and hands. These are also some of the most important parts of your body to keep safe when you are out and about. Frostbite is no joke and if you want to avoid getting this painful condition or of losing your fingers then you should invest in the right protective gear before you leave the house.

There are thousands of glove manufacturers out there on the market but not all of these manufacturers do create quality products. Many glove brands and varieties promise the moon and stars when you view their products but in the end, these cheap gloves just don’t offer you the needed functionality and warmth.

If you are looking for a terrific pair of sports then you have come to the right place.  In this 2020 product review, we are going to discuss the best sports gloves that excel in terms of quality and modern features.

The Kingsbom 3m Winter Touchscreen Gloves

The Kingsbom 3m Winter Touchscreen Gloves

The Kingsdom 3M Winter Touchscreen Gloves are perfect for just about any type of winter adventure. These gloves only come in black with white reflective materials on the back of the hand so others can see you at night. The unisex gloves are available in sizes small to x-large and are made of high-quality materials.  3M 200g Thinsulate insulation ensures that your hands will stay warm even as you venture out in temperatures as low as -40 degrees F.

These gloves offer you maximum protection because they are insulated and windproof. They also offer waterproof benefits but cannot be submerged underwater for too long. If your gloves do get wet, they will quickly dry off due to moisture-wicking fabrics.

The gloves are incredibly flexible. They are fitted with silicone palms that enhance your grip and these gloves have touch screen technology in the thumbs and index finger of the gloves so you can navigate any touch screen device including tabs and phones without having to remove your gloves. The touchscreen compatibility is functional for just about any type of touch screen device of most brands.


  • Colour - Black
  • Sizes - Small - X-large
  • Materials - 3M 200g Thinsulate insulation, reflective lightening materials, silicone gel pad palms
  • Waterproof - Yes
  • Windproof - Yes
  • Moisture-wicking - yes
  • Palm - anti-slip rubber
  • Touchscreenfingertips - thumb and index finger
  • Temperature - -40 degrees F
KINGSBOM Waterproof Warm Gloves - 3M


  • Gloves offer a comfortable fit
  • Keeps your hands nice and warm in cold weather
  • Suitable for numerous sports types
  • Waterproofing and windproofing makes them perfect for expeditions in snowfall
  • Touchscreen technology allows you to navigate just about any modern device
  • Rubber palm gel pads enhance your grip on objects


  • Gloves can feel bulky and restrictive
  • Sizes do run a little small


This is indeed a perfect set for a magnitude of hobbies and sports including snowboarding, skiing, hiking, motorcycle riding, climbing, biking, camping, hunting and so much more. The set is priced fairly and offers a comfortable fit. The most extraordinary features of these gloves are the touch screen compatibility and the gloves leading insulation to protect your hands in the chill.

The Trailheads Men’s Touchscreen Running Gloves

The Trailheads Men’s Touchscreen Running Gloves

If you are not one for bulky gloves that restrict finger movement but still want to enjoy the best protection when you are out for a run then you should consider the Trailhead men’s touchscreen running gloves. Unlike the previous pair of gloves, these are not thickly padded. Instead, the advanced design of these gloves is what offers you the best warmth.

The gloves are made of thin yet warm fabric but have a pocket compartment that folds over your fingers to protect your fingers from wind, water and cold. This little pocket is insulated and keeps your fingers warm and protected. You can wear these gloves in two different ways. You can wear it as a normal pair of gloves during warmer temperatures or slip over the pocket to create an isolative pocket for your fingers.

 These gloves are also very modern. The thumb and index finger is made of conductive materials so you can use your gloves to navigate any touchscreen device without having to remove your gloves. Another great feature of these gloves is the magnetic clips at the glove wrists. These magnets allow you to store your gloves against steel objects and to keep your gloves pinned together when they are not in use.


  • Color - black and black/Hi-vis (reflective)
  • Sizes - small/medium and medium/large
  • Type - gloves with shell
  • Materialsused - conductive fabric, reflective prints on hand back, waterproof shell, magnet tabs in wrists
  • Touchscreencompatibility - full length of thumb and index finger
  • Waterproof - yes in shell
  • Technology - two ways to wear them and has hidden magnets to help you secure your gloves
TrailHeads Men’s Running Gloves


  • Offers a comfortable fit
  • Thin design allows for plenty of finger movement
  • Wear the gloves two different ways
  • Ideal for variable climates
  • Waterproof cover protects from wind and rain
  • Made of good quality materials
  • Reflective prints offer protection at night


  • Not for extremely cold temperatures
  • The cover doesn’t conceal your thumb
  • The fabric is a bit thin


This is a great pair of gloves for casual running in winter although these gloves are not designed for extremely cold temperatures. The gloves can be used for various climates because you can wear them in different ways. Flip shut the glove cover to increase insulation around your fingers when you feel cold and when you start to feel warm you can simply flip it over to cool down. The gloves also work with touch screen devices which is a major advantage for winter runners.

Final verdict

Both of these gloves are excellent picks for winter running and they can be used for a great many other sports. The gloves are very advanced and can be used with modern touch screen devices without having to remove your gloves.

If you are traveling in extremely cold temperatures then the Kingsbom 3M Winter Touchscreen Gloves are the better pick. They are a bit bulky but the thick insulation offers you the best protection in extreme conditions. These gloves will protect your hands from wind, water and even enhance your grip thanks to silicone gel pads on the palm.

If you are running in chilly conditions then the Trailheads men’s touchscreen running gloves is the better pick. These gloves are not bulky at all yet offer good protection from the cold. They can be worn in different ways and fit nice and snug. The Trailheads gloves are also water and windproof with the cap over your fingers and is also a better pick for those who hate to feel restricted by thick padded gloves.

 We hope that this product review helped identify the best running gloves to get for your winter expeditions. And if you are looking for other superb adventure equipment then we welcome you to hop over to some of our other product reviews where you can have a look at some of the other top picks we recommend for various types of outings such as hiking and more.

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