What is the Best Sleeping Bag For Cold Weather?

Getting a good night’s rest can be hard when you are sleeping in the outdoors, even more in cold weather. Today you can buy quite a lot of products to help you sleep more comfortably in a tent. Inflatable mattresses, stretchers, and folding camping mats all work great but they all have two major disadvantages; they are chilly to sleep because cold air can get beneath you and these types of sleeping solutions take up a lot of space in your backpack or vehicle.

A good old sleeping bag is still one of the best sleeping solutions for cold weather and for those hiking and backpacking adventures where you really do need to travel light. These bags are very cozy to sleep in, they are terrific for insulating your body heat so you can stay nice and snug all night long and sleeping bags can fold up remarkably compact in size. 

There are quite a lot of different types of sleeping bags available on the market today. Some of these bags are rainproof, some are designed for extremely cold weather, some are designed for warmer temperatures and some are even convertible so you can co-sleep with a partner.  

The Best Sleeping Bag for Cold Weather

If you are planning a trip in wintertime or in a location that is pretty chilly then it is probably best you get a bag that is designed for cold weather. The best sleeping bag for cold weather offers better insulation, mummy design sleeping bags are hooded to protect your ears and head as you sleep and the sleeping bags usually have thicker padding that results in a more comfortable night's rest. Despite all of these features, these bags can still fold up to a compact size so you can carry them with ease. 

In this product review, we are going to have a quick look at some of the best cold weather sleeping bags that offer leading features and will keep you nice and snug no matter how icy things get.

The TSGarden Joinable Sleeping Bag 


This is one of the best sleeping bags money can buy because it is so flexible. The sleeping bag is grey with an orange stripe in the center of it. It is thickly padded and has a mummy design to keep your head and ears protected in cold weather.

The sleeping bag’s outer material is made of 210T nylon cloth that is moisture-proof and thermal. A washable polyester liner is smooth to the touch and enables you to slip in and out of the sleeping bag with ease. The bag is stuffed with fluffy cotton that helps build temperature so you can stay snug all night.  

Feature-wise, this is a truly remarkable sleeping bag. Unlike most sleeping bags this one has armholes that you can use to check your phone or grab a glass of water without having to unzip. The bottom of the sleeping bag can also unzip if you feel too warm or when you want to wear your sleeping bag around the campsite. The fold-flat hoodie pulls tightly to your head with a drawstring for those extra cold nights. 

The truly remarkable feature of this sleeping bag is that it can also be used for shared sleeping. When you buy the sleeping bag as a set, be sure to get one with a left and right design. You can then zip them together and create a double sleeping bag. 

The bag folds down pretty compact in size thanks to a storage sack that allows you to compress the bag into a tight ball. The bag weighs only 5.52LB and is suitable for 4 season hiking since you can choose to sleep on top or inside it. 


  • Weight - 5.52lb
  • Color - grey and orange
  • Type 2-in-1 sleeping bag with left and right side
  • Special features - Armholes, can be combined to create a shared sleeping bag and can be zipped open for a flat surface
  • Moisture-proof - yes
  • Materials - 210T nylon cloth outer, polyester liner, and cotton stuffing
  • Temperature - 14 - 50 degrees F
  • Zipperfeatures - Side, bottom and armholes
  • Foldingsize - 11 x 15.7”
  • Fullsize - 29.5 x 11.8”


  • The bag can be combined to create a double sleeping bag
  • It has a zipper at the foot
  • Armholes allow you to do stuff or without having to get out of the bag
  • The sleeping bag is suitable for 4 seasons (14 - 50F)
  • It has moisture-resistant outer to keep you dry 
  • The bag is folded down compact in size and is nice and light
  • Lots of soft stuffing provides sufficient insulation
  • Good quality zippers
  • Perfect for camping outdoors


  • It might be a bit snug for tall men and women

This sleeping bag is another great pick if you want something light, compact and easy to use. The 3-4 season sleeping bag has a charming design. It is wine red in color with a check inside and has a mummy head design with a retractable cord so you can keep your ears and head nice and warm in cold weather.

The sleeping bag has a 100% water resistant polyester outer with a warm 100% flannel liner and is stuffed with 100% cotton to help insulate and protect against cold. 

The bag is very light at just 4lb and folds down compact thanks to a compression sack that pushes all the air out of the sleeping bag. It is very comfortable to sleep in and the sleeping bag can zip open fully so you can lay it out flat inside a tent. 


  • Weight - 4lb
  • Color - wine red
  • Type - single sleeping bag
  • Specialfeatures - zips open fully 
  • Waterproof - yes
  • Materials - water-resistant polyester, 100% warm flannel liner and 100% cotton filling
  • Temperature - 30 - 70F
  • Foldingsize - 10.2 x 9.8”
  • Fullsize - 90.55 x 32.67


  • The sleeping bag has a beautiful look
  • It is practical for children to adults
  • A warm flannel inner doesn’t cause a chill when you get into the bag
  • Zips open fully so you can use it to create a soft surface
  • 100% waterproof
  • Practical for 3 - 4 seasons (30 - 70F)
  • Compresses to a very small size
  • The sleeping bag is machine washable


  • It cannot be converted into a double sleeping bag
2 The-Reisen-Warm

Final Verdict

Both of these sleeping bags are excellent picks for chilly weather adventures. They are both light and fold down to a compact size. If you cannot decide on which one to get then perhaps this quick guide can help you out;

The best for couples - Naturally, the TSGarden Joinable sleeping bag is our top pick for couples because it converts into a double sleeping bag.

The most portable - The Reisen sleeping bag is the lightest and compresses the smallest which makes it a better pick for those that want to stay mobile.

The most flexible - The TSGarden is the most flexible. It can convert into a double sleeping bag, has armholes and can fold open flat.

The best for rainy weather - If you are traveling in areas with high humidity levels then the Reisen might be the better pick due to its 100% waterproof outer.

We hope that this product review helped you find the best possible cold weather sleeping bag so you can enjoy your adventures the fullest. And if you are in the market for some other terrific camping or hiking products then we welcome you to hop over to our other product reviews where you can find out more about our other top picks. 

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