Best Knife for Backpacking

Best Knife for Backpacking – Gerber Scout Knife and the Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket Knife

Gerber Scout Knife

Founded in 1939, Gerber is an innovative and dedicated manufacturer renowned for its master tools and knives. It designs products aimed at saving lives and solving problems with unique activities or events in mind.

Based in Oregon’s Portland in USA, the company manufacturers much more than blades today. The American brand have its products retails globally. Soldiers, hunters and tradesmen find the products relevant to their needs and problems.

Rich in heritage, the company always looks to meeting needs and solving problems in the future through new generation innovations. With a supply chain that spans the globe, the company develops a range of gear for specific activities to meet the needs of consumer worldwide.

What’s more, each branded product comes with a lifetime warranty. Having been in the industry for over seven decades, the company is popular for its product reliability, quality and innovation.

The Gerber Scout Knife has a serrated edge and drop point for optimal performance. The ½ serrated drop point blade made from high carbon stainless steel supports rope cutting and edge retention.

With the ergonomic-textured rubber grip, optimal comfort and non-slip use is guaranteed. The double-sided thumb stud allows for opening of the knife using one hand.

It features a clip for convenient carriage in your pocket and comes with a guide for survival pocket priorities. The knife has a lock back feature to secure your knife’s blade in place and optimize safety when closing it.

Features of the Best Knife for Backpacking – The Gerber Knife for Scouting 

  • 3.63’ blade length
  • ½ serrated high carbon stainless drop point blade
  • Rubber grip with ergonomic texture
  • Double-sided thumb stud
  • Survival priorities pocket guide with survival necessities
  • 4.0” closed length
  • 2.4 oz weight
  • Pocket carry clip
  • Lock back
  • 7.3” overall length
Gerber Bear Grylls Scout Knife

What We Like:The half-serrated blade is made from high-carbon stainless steel for strength and durability. We like that this quality makes it powerful enough to cut ropes and support edge retention for prolonged use.

The fact that it’s safe with lock back and rubber grip features makes it ideal for outdoor adventures and scouting sprees. The quality of the knife reflects the company’s decades of experience in adventure and survival outdoors.

We like that this is the knife that can support our needs in all kinds of survivor environments ranging from Mount Everest to the British SAS. It’s what we need to make the most of our time in such settings.

What We Don’t Like: We don’t like that the scouting knife’s one-hand opening system is difficult to use. Moreover, it’s not available in various finishes for those who may want theirs in specific colors.


  • Lightweight and thin for portable use
  • Folds and comes in a slim compact design
  • Easy to open with one hand
  • Strong enough to support rope cutting and edge retention
  • Designed with safety features to avoid injuries
  • Supports non-slip cutting for greater performance
  • Features survival essentials to keep you alive


  • Although you can open the knife with one hand, the system is somehow difficult to use
The Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket Knife

Founded in 1884, Victorinox Swiss Army is based in Ibach, Schwyz, Switzerland. Karl Elsener started the business as a cutler’s company before designing the legendary “Original Swiss Army Knife’.

The company manufactures premium products under various categories for sale worldwide. They include watches, Swiss Army Knives, travel gear, cutlery, fragrances and apparel.

The Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket Knife is a premium knife with multiple functions. It features two 45” blade, bottle opener bundled with a wood saw, screwdriver and scissors. The versatile tool is handy around the house or when sawing wood out in the wild when camping.

The stainless steel construction with a conventional Swiss polished red ABS renders the knife sleek and durable. It comes with a leather clip pouch for storage and safe carriage. The compact design doesn’t just take up less space but also makes the knife portable.

The knife is of Swiss quality and comes with a lifetime warranty against workmanship and material defects. This is the kind of knife you can pass down your generation.

The polished red ABS handle makes the knife easy to hold and use. It has a great grip for non-slip use as a hunter’s companion. Swiss-Made precision is the guarantee you need each time you go outdoors camping or simply want to use the knife at home to get something done.

Choose from black, camo, desert camo, red, hardwood, red boy scouts, ruby, red with pouch, silver tech, and translucent sapphire color options.

Features of the Best Knife for Backpacking – The Swiss Army Pocket Knife

  • Small blade and large blade
  • Can opener
  • Small screwdriver
  • Bottle opener
  • Corkscrew
  • Wire stripper
  • Key ring
  • Large screw driver
  • Reamer
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors
  • Toothpick
  • Wood saw
  • Multi-purpose hook
  • Swiss-made
  • Stainless steel
  • 3.42 oz weight
  • 3.58” length
Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool, Huntsman Pocket Knife

What We Like: We like the quality, construction and design of this pocket knife for hunters. It’s available in multiple color options and several tools. It features up to 15 different tools, making it ideal for use in various scenarios. What’s more, it’s compact and lightweight to carry around and use on the go.

What We Don’t like: We don’t like that some models of this knife lack a locking feature. Although this doesn’t make the knife unsafe, some users may just want to be sure that their blades are locked in place. What’s more, users with basic needs may not make the most of this knife for hunters or campers.


  • Versatile multi-tool for application in all kinds of areas
  • Available in 10 color options
  • Compact design for comfortable pocket carriage on the go
  • Premium Swiss quality
  • Sleek durable construction
  • Features a pouch for storage and safe carriage on the go
  • Lifetime warranty against workmanship and material faults
  • Stainless steel construction for durability
  • Supports everyday carry and use
  • Tough and sturdy


  • This is a premium knife of top quality but isn’t ideal for a basic user with fundamental one-time needs
  • More expensive than most pocket knives but worth each dollar
  • Some models lack locking blades

Buying Advice

Various factors come into play when shopping for a pocket knife. First, the best knife for campers is compact in design, lightweight and sleek for easy carriage on the go. They may also come with pouches and safety blade lock back features to prevent injuries.

When selecting the best pocket knife for you, look out for the number of tools available, size and weight of the device, the brand, and price. Choose form serrated, combo or plain blade edges, handle materials, locking mechanism, and blade length.

Blades also vary in type and uses. Choose accordingly. Another important factor is the number of blades a knife features. Make sure that the knife you pick has all the tools you need. However, don’t waste money on what you may never use.


Pocket knives are not made the same. Whereas some come with basic features, others come as multi-tools designed to support all kinds of tasks both indoors and outdoors. Gerber Scout Knife is ideal for standard users with basic needs while the Swiss Army Pocket Knife is ideal for more advanced, regular use.

If you’re looking for a multi-tool you can bring with you when backpacking, check out Amazon for the best knife for backpacking.

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