Best Extreme Cold Glove Liners

Hands and feet are always the toughest parts of your body to keep warm when you are out and about on winter expeditions. It is important to protect these extremities of your body because they are so vulnerable to frostbite. It is also very unpleasant to work with fingers so cold they feel numb. If you want to stay warm when venturing outdoors this winter then a good pair of glove liners are an absolute must.

Glove liners are gloves that can be worn underneath exterior gloves. It is smart to invest in a pair of glove liners in addition to your normal bulky waterproof pair of gloves so your hands can stay warm and snug even when you remove your glove covers. Glove liners can also be worn in and around the house and are comfortable enough to work in on chilly days.

The best glove liners for extreme cold

If you are looking for a pair of glove liners to keep your hands warm without restricting mobility and functionality then this is the right product review to check out. We are now going to show you all the specs, pros and cons of the two best pairs of glove liners you can consider if you are prepping for extreme weather trips.

The Honyar Winter Double Thickened Glove Liner

Honyar Winter Double Thickened Glove Liner

If you love the feel of an extremely thick yet soft pair of gloves then the Honyar Winter double thickened glove liner is a great pick.

One of these gloves offers you the thickness and density of two separate gloves. The glove is made of high-quality dense material that is soft to the touch yet provides lots of insulation to keep your fingers warm.

This pair of glove liners is not just comfy; they are very functional as well. The gloves allow you to move your fingers with ease so you can do work or event type. Various fingers (the thumb, index finger and middle finger) have conductive fibers constructed within the fabric so you can use your hand to navigate a touch screen device without removing your gloves.

The cuffs of these gloves are extra thick to keep winter chills away from your wrists and from getting into the glove.


  • Colors - black, black/red, blue, coffee, black/khaki and black/white
  • Sizes - medium and large
  • Weight - 2.08 oz
  • Gender - unisex
  • Temperature - -20 degrees F (-29 degrees C)
  • Materials - thermal lining conductive fibers, elastic windproof wristband
  • Touchscreenfingertips - thumb, index finger, middle finger
HONYAR Winter -20°F(-29℃) Below Zero Gloves Touchscreen for Women and Men - Double Thickened - Warm Soft Lining


  • The glove is twice as thick as normal gloves
  • Touch screen compatible
  • Can be used on virtually any touch screen device
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Does not restrict movement
  • Thick wrist band offers more protection to your wrists and keeps the wind away from your hands
  • Practical colors for gloves with a fashionable design


  • Sizes do run small
  • Not intended for warmer weather
  • Wear with glove covers when the temperature drops below -20
  • No rubber palms which means no added grip


This is a superb pair of gloves for home use during wintertime and a great investment for outdoor sports since you can use the glove liners in addition to a glove outer to stay warm. The glove liners are very snug and comfy and they don’t’ restrict movement in any way so you can continue working. You also don’t have to remove your gloves to navigate a phone which is a huge bonus.

The HighloongCompression Sports Glove Liner

The HighloongCompression Sports Glove Liner

If you are looking for a pair of gloves that aren’t quite as warm yet still offers plenty of heat and comfort then the Highloong compression sports love liner is a superb pick.

These gloves are available in black only and you can only buy them in s, m, and l which is all you need since the fabric is so very stretchy. The gloves fit very snug and tight so you can move your fingers with ease and continue to work comfortably.

These gloves don’t have conductive linings so you will need to remove them to use a touchscreen device. They are not thick enough for extreme cold weather but are an ideal pick for spring, autumn and early winter times. The gloves are good investments because they can be used on a number of different types of sports such as cycling, photography, driving, hiking and much more.

As an added bonus, these gloves also offer compression to your hands and fingers. This in return, stimulates blood circulation in the fingers so your hands will become much warmer in the winter.


  • Color - black
  • Size - small, medium and large
  • Weight - 1.3 oz
  • Materials - 4-way stretch fabric with fleece lining and double layer cuff
  • Gender - unisex
  • Temperaturerange - autumn, spring, and early winter
HIGHLOONG Compression Lightweight Sport Running Gloves Liner Gloves- Black - Men & Women


  • Very comfortable glove
  • Perfect for chilly weather conditions
  • Can be used for a number of sports types such as running, walking, cycling and more
  • 4-way stretch fabric offers light compression which increases blood circulation in fingers
  • Double layer cuff offers added chill protection to your wrists
  • Fabric is very stretchy
  • A flexible glove
  • Use during sports, work, office or for casual days at home


  • Not intended for extreme cold
  • Not touchscreen compatible


This is a good pair of glove liners for chilly weather conditions. You can wear the pair underneath a pair of outdoor gloves so your hands will keep warm even if you need to remove the outer part of your glove. The gloves are affordable and its compression technology enhances hand health as you journey while keeping your fingers much warmer despite the thin fabric.

Final Verdict

Both of these glove liners are superb picks for your outdoor adventures. They can both be worn underneath a pair of outdoor gloves or as is to keep your hands nice and warm during wintertime. Both of these glove types are also perfect for a number of different adventures such as walking, running, hiking, cycling and much more.

If you are venturing in the extreme cold then choose the Honyar Winter to double thickened glove liner. This glove liner is extremely thick and will keep your hands insulated so they will stay warmer when wearing external gloves The gloves also look good enough to wear on a daily basis at home or at the office although they can be a bit bulky and toasty during warmer weather.

If your adventure isn’t scheduled in the dead of winter then the Highloong compression sports glove liner is probably a better pick. These glove liners are not quite as thick so you can be more comfortable when wearing them underneath other gloves. They also allow you to move easier and the thin fabric doesn’t restrict your hand movement in any way. These gloves might be great for casual wear but they won’t offer you much protection in extremely cold temperatures.

 We hope that this guide was useful for identifying the right pair of glove liners to get for your next big adventure.  And if you might be interested in more camping and adventure gear then we welcome you to hop over to some of our other product reviews where you can learn more about these other superior quality products.