Best Folding Knife under 50

Best Folding Knife under 50

The Grand Way Folding Knife

Grand Way is a leading manufacturer of multi-tools, knives and multi-functional knives for fishing, hunting, camping, EDC tools, and survival knives and bracelets. Founded decades ago, the company is a pioneer in manufacturing all kinds of pocket knives and tools for use in survival environments.

The Grand Way Folding Knife is an everyday carry pocket knife with a wooden handle. Designed for outdoor use when fishing, camping or hunting, the pocket knife features a safety liner lock for easy opening and closing of the knife without causing injury.

The liner lock is tough and resistant to dirt, atop fixing the knife’s blade in the open position. The wooden handle gives the knife an appealing look, and makes it easy to hold and use. The handle offers great grip for non-slip use.

The folding knife design features the liner lock and wooden handle in a compact design you can easily fit in your pocket for use on the go. The stainless steel used on the blade has found use in knife production for more than five decades.

Features of the Best Folding Knife under 50 – the Grand Way Folding Knife

  • A safety liner lock
  • Wooden handle
  • Folding knife design
  • Large knife with a 3-inch blade
  • Satin blade and metal bolsters for reinforcement
  • Folding type
  • 5.29 oz weight
  • 440C stainless steel blade
  • A classic drop point blade
Grand Way Gentleman’s Folding Knife

What We Like: We love the look and folding design of this pocket knife under 50. It’s compact for everyday carry and use. The non-corrosive stainless steel use don the blade makes it ideal for use in most environmental conditions. What’s more, the knife is easy to open and use; this is an important factor when going camping.

What We Don’t Like: The pocket knife is generally attractive with a classic warm touch, but its masculinity may not appeal to most women. This is more so true about women who prefer chic tools.


  • Attractive wooden handle with a great grip
  • Comes in a folding design for compact use as a pocket knife
  • Stainless steel blade for durable use
  • Tough and dirt resistant liner lock
  • Makes a perfect gift idea for anniversary, birthday, etc.
  • The knife is easy to open and close
  • Strikes a balance between strength and sharps of the drop point blade for optimal performance
  • Resistant to corrosion and can “hold” the cutting edge for long


  • The masculine look of this knife makes it only ideal for men. Most women may not find it appealing.
The Columbia River Knife & Tool Folding Pocket Knife

The Columbia River Knife & Tool is an innovative company that manufactures products aimed at outdoor adventures and activities. It continues define the industry with diverse utility and creativity to improve existing tools and solutions.

Founded over three decades ago, the company has released innovations that have revolutionized the industry. It boasts having worked with renowned independent knife designers from across the world.

With integrity, the company is a guiding light in the industry. It interacts with customers and other stakeholders directly and independently. The brand has been consistent in designing reliable products since its inception.

What makes a difference is the rugged terrain of the knives and tools that reflect their origin in Oregon. The CRKT Folding Pocket Knifeis a custom knife designed by Kit Carson, a knife maker and member of the Knife Maker’s Guild.

The designer’s knife models are custom, consistent, classic and simple with a functional form. Her most popular knife design is the M4, which inspires this pocket knife as an everyday carry tool.

The M4-02W Burled Wood model is deluxe with a classic look. It features brushed stainless steel bolsters and burled wood scales. The patented outburst-assisted opening and liner lock safety work together to make the folding knife safe.

A pin is set between the frame and liner lock of the knife for extra safety. The pin ensures that the liner lock doesn’t disengage while the knife is in use. The manual safety level is pushed forward to engage the safety pin.

It’s pulled back to close the knife; the liner lock slides over and the blade folds into a closed position. This innovative safety system is integrated in several CRKT folding knife models.

The outburst mechanism opens the blade fully and instantly upon opening the blade at about 300C. Lubrous washers and bronze bearings fixed on the pivot of the adjustable blade allow for fast and smooth action. Dual thumb studs foster ambidextrous opening of the blade using one hand.

Features of the Best Folding Knife under 50 – CRKT Folding Pocket Knife

  • Thumb stud
  • Satin blade
  • Outburst-assisted opening
  • Locking liner for safety
  • Burl wood handle
  • G10 stainless steel bolster and pocket clip
  • Stainless steel in a bead-blast finish
  • 3.25” blade length
  • Razor-sharp edge
  • High-mounted gear/pocket clips
  • Heavy-duty InterFrame build inspired by Kit Carson’s M4 design
  • Dual stainless steel liner and a back pacer
  • 3.7 oz weight
  • High-hollow grind drop point blade

What We Like: The masculine look and technical design of this pocket knife appeals to men. It folds into a smaller size to allow for safe and easy carriage on the go. The knife is made from premium materials and given superior finish to last decades of regular use. We also like its versatility and availability in Burled wood, bone/black and bone stag color finishes.

What We Don’t Like: We like everything about this folding pocket knife. However, it’s too costly for users looking for a basic pocket knife they can use from time to time when need arises. What’s more, it’s not ideal for women in terms of appearance.


  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty against workmanship and material defects.
  • Available in 3 color options
  • Fits the hand naturally for all kinds of tasks
  • Versatile for different applications ranging from carving to cutting
  • Durable and comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Folds into a compact design for portable use


  • This is an expensive knife, but worth its cost
  • May not appeal to women with a preference for pocket knives with a chic look

Buying Advice

When shopping for folding pocket knives, consider various factors to help you choose the right tool. The size, weight and extras a pocket knife comes with, determines its portability.

Make sure your ideal pocket knife has the right type of blade, handle, locking and safety system, and comes with the right tools you need. It’s also important to choose stainless steel blades for prolonged durability.

While some pocket knives are designed with women in mind, others are for men only or unisex use. Determine the amount you’re willing to pay for a knife and how you intend to use it. For instance, some knives are designed for fishing while others support hunting or camping.


The best folding knives under 50 are designed to fit all kinds of budgets. Whereas the Grand Way Folding Knife ideal for users with mid-level experience and needs, the CRKT Folding Pocket Knife is ideal for more advanced users.

Opt for the former when working on a tight budget but need a folding pocket knife and the latter when looking for a knife that’ll last many years of regular use.

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