Best Down Jacket For Backpacking

Choosing the right jacket to include in your backpack is one of the toughest decisions for most backpackers and adventure lovers. Jackets can be quite annoying when you don’t know what the weather might be like. Choose something too heavy and it will end up weighing you down and it could be too warm for chilly, yet not icy, weather. Choosing something light can make it easier to move but might not be sufficient for unpredictable weather conditions and you could end up freezing at night.

One of the best things you can do for a pleasurable backpacking adventure - and for any other adventure for that matter - is to choose a down jacket. The jackets look like any other puffer jacket but instead of synthetic stuffing, these jackets are filled with goose or duck down feather.

Down feather jackets are the best if you don’t know what to expect from your journey. This is because down acts as an insulator which traps warm air and retains heat. Body heat cannot escape and you stay nice and warm despite chilly weather conditions. These jackets are also preferable for slightly cooler temperatures because the insulation is created according to your body temperature and protects you from feeling too hot.

What Is The Best Down Jacket For Backpacking

Today you can shop from quite a huge variety of puffer and down jackets. But despite their fillings, these jackets are not all made alike. Some are not waterproof, others might be too heavy and others might not be made of the most durable fabrics and can end up tearing when you machine wash them. 

If you are looking for the best down jacket for backpacking then you have come to the right place. We did extensive research on loads of available down jackets on the market and shortlisted the best of the best so you can make a smart and informed decision when you buy a down jacket. Here is a quick review of the best jackets to consider for your next adventure;

The ZSHOW Men’s Lightweight down Jacket


We absolutely love this men’s lightweight down jacket by Zshow. The jacket is available in 3 different color designs. You can get it in black with blue lining, royal blue with cream lining or dark grey with light grey lining. This jacket is terrific for adventure lovers because it is stylish and has a tight-fitting streamline design. It is available in lots of different sizes that range from small to XX-Large.

The jacket is made with a quality 100% Nylon shell and lining. A100% polyester fabric offers insulation and the jacket is filled with 80% white duck down and 20% feather.

The quilted puffer jacket has a standing collar, long front zipper and has internal elastic cuffs. It is waterproof and can be folded extremely small. The jacket has four pockets, two inside for moisture sensitive items and two outside with zipper enclosures.

Despite the stuffing, water and wind proofing, the jacket is still breathable and weighs only 1.32 pounds.


  • Weight - 1.32 pounds
  • Available sizes - Small, medium, large, X-large, XX-large
  • Colors - Black/navy, navy/tan and dark grey/light grey
  • Shell - 20D*400T Nylon Taffeta with PA coating that offers wind protection
  • Lining - 100% Nylon
  • Filling - 80% white duck down, 20% feather
  • Style - Puffer quilted jacket
  • Pockets - 2 inside not zippered, 2 outside with zippers
  • Media port - no
  • Hoodie - no


  • Quality Nylon Taffeta shell offers the needed protection against wind
  • The duck down feather offers good insulation
  • The jacket is nice and light in weight
  • It has a beautiful and sporty overall look
  • It is a good jacket for a number of activities such as hiking, biking, camping and more
  • Lots of pockets to place your belongings
  • It is available in a variety of sizes
  • It folds down nice and compact for easy carrying
  • The jacket zips up into a turtleneck to protect your neck


  • Sizes do run a bit small
  • Feathers can lose through the fabric
  • It isn’t waterproof

This stylish puffer jacket by Wantdo is our top pick for sportswomen. The jacket looks terrific thanks to its slim design and it is available in a huge variety of colors which include black, navy, red, acid blue, dark green, khaki, sapphire blue, dark purple, oiled green, pink, navy, grey, and light coffee.

The jackets shell and lining are made of 100% 20D400T nylon. It is also coated with a water repellent finish that also offers sufficient wind protection. For insulation, the jacket is stuffed with 80% duck down and 20% feather. It has a front zipper and is light in weight, extremely breathable and nice and warm. The jacket has internal elastic cuffs to keep warmth trapped inside and it can fold down to a very compact size for easy transportation.

The jacket has 2 exterior zipped handwarmer pockets and 2 interior pockets for sensitive gear like keys and phones. It also has a media port in one of the pockets which allows you to listen to music comfortably as you like. Unlike the ZSHOW Men’s jacket, this one also has a hoodie that is concealed within the collar of the jacket.


  • Weight - 1.54 pounds
  • Available sizes - X-small, small, medium, large, X-large, XX-large and 3X large
  • Colors - black, navy, red, acid blue, dark green, khaki, sapphire blue, dark purple, oiled green, pink, navy, grey, and light coffee
  • Shell - 20D*400T Nylon Taffeta with PA coating that offers wind protection
  • Lining - 100% Nylon
  • Filling - 80% white duck down, 20% feather
  • Style - Puffer quilted jacket
  • Pockets - 2 inside not zippered, 2 outside with zippers
  • Media port - yes
  • Hoodie - yes


  • The jacket is very thin and lightweight yet offers lots of warmth
  • It is available in a huge variety of colors
  • The jacket has a beautiful overall design
  • Goose down and the rubber cuffs trap warmth inside
  • It folds to a compact size so you can carry it with ease
  • It offers sufficient wind and moisture protection
  • A hoodie also assists with insulation and helps repel water
  • It is warm but not bulky


  • The jacket is not waterproof
  • The jacket has a straight cut and can fit some women tightly around hips
  • Sizes do run a bit small

Final Verdict

Both of these down jackets are superb picks for your next backpacking adventure and for all other adventures you enjoy afterward. The goose down inserts of these jackets helps you stay warm in different cold temperatures. Both of these jackets also offer the needed wind and moisture protection although they are not waterproof. You probably won’t be making a mistake with either of these but if you have a tough time at choosing then perhaps this quick guide can help;

The best down jacket for men - The ZSHOW jacket is the best pick for men and not because it is so wildly different. All in all, it looks a lot like the Wantdo jacket and it is made from the same materials. The only real reason you should choose the ZSHOW for men is that there is quite a difference in men and women's sizes.

The best down jacket for women - There is no reason you cannot wear the ZSHOW jacket as long as you keep the size difference in mind when you buy. But all in all, the Wandto women's jacket is a more preferable pick for ladies because there are more colors to choose from and women's sizes are a lot smaller than men.

The best for extremely cold weather - If you are worried about the cold then get the Wandto jacket even if you are a guy. This jacket has a hoodie that offers that extra bit of insulation. The earphone port is also another small but handy bonus.

We hope that this guide helped you learn more about goose down jackets and was useful for finding the best camping and backpacking jacket to get right now. If you are looking for other quality camping products then we welcome you to also hop over to our other product reviews where you can check out the best to get right now. 

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