Best Budget Hiking Boots

The shoes you choose for your hiking adventures can either make or break you. Foot ware plays a huge role in your ability to keep up with your team, move quickly and when it comes to reducing fatigue. It is especially important to choose wisely when you are picking a good pair of hiking boots. Hiking usually involves stepping onto rough terrains filled with lots of unexpected surprises. Your shoes need to be able to stand all sorts of scenarios such as mud, water, rain, sand, steep terrains, grassy terrains and more. They also need to provide you with the needed ankle, and foot protection as you walk, jump, kick, climb and perform various other activities. More importantly, your boots need to be able to protect you from harmful creatures like snakes and scorpions while you are out there in the wild. 

Good hiking boots need to be able to do all of this for you and still be light and comfortable to wear. All of this might seem like unrealistic expectations from a simple shoe but thanks to modern tech, innovative shoe designers and the best craftsman there are quite a few hiking boots out there on the market that do in fact provide you with all of these elements.

The Best Budget for Hiking Boots

If you are looking for the best budget hiking boots to get right now, then you have come to the right place. For this product review we did extensive research on all the best hiking boot brands and types currently available on the market and we singled out the following two as the best possible picks you can make if you need something sturdy, functional, comfortable and durable. Here is a quick look at our top picks and all of their pros and cons;

The Sketchers Men’s Relment-Traven Hiking Boot


This hiking boot isn’t just tough, it is also very beautiful. The hiking boot is available two different color options which include light/dark brown and dark brown/black. Both of these colors along with the great design of these hiking boots make them a perfect investment for anyone looking for a sturdy walking or hiking boot or for those looking for something comfy and stylish for work. The boot is available in loads of different sizes that range from 6.5 - 16 US shoe sizes.

The hiking boot is made of 100% leather exterior and has a synthetic sole. These boots are waterproof which means they will keep your feet nice and dry as you travel. The synthetic sole has lots of rubber nodes to enhance traction as you walk on slippery and steep areas.

The thing most buyers loved the most about the Sketchers Men’s Relment-Traven Hiking Boot is its comfort. The boot has a relaxed fit and is fitted with Air Cooled Memory foam. The memory foam supports the shape of your foot to perfection while cooling technology keeps your feet nice and cool on those warm days. At just 2.43 pounds these boots are also nice and light which assists in keeping your energy levels high during those long-distance hikes.


  • Shoe type - Hiking boot
  • Weight - 2.43 pounds
  • Colors - Light/dark brown or dark brown/black
  • Sizes - 6.5 - 16 US
  • Materials - 100% leather and synthetic rubber sole with air-cooled memory foam interior
  • Waterproof - Yes
  • Special tech - Air cooled memory foam


  • These hiking boots have a beautiful adventure look
  • The boots are made of highly durable 100% leather
  • Synthetic rubber soles help keep these boots nice and light
  • The soles have lots of nodes to enhance traction
  • Air-cooled memory foam supports your feet as you walk and keeps them nice and cool
  • The shoes are waterproof which make them suitable for all weather conditions
  • The shoes offer a relaxed and comfy fit
  • The boots are available in size and a half which is a big bonus


  • Shoelaces do have a tendency to come undone
  • Memory foam inserts can get worn out over time

If you prefer a hiking boot with a bit of a sporty and earthy look then the Nevados Men’s Boomerang II Mid Hiking Boot could be a good pick. This hiking boot is available in dark brown/red and chocolate chip/ ginger red colors offer more of a velvety feel than the Sketchers boots. The boots are available in sizes 7 - 13 including size and half sizes. 

These beautiful boots are made of suede leather, 100% leather, textile rubber soles, and the boots have breathable nylon mesh uppers to keep your feet from becoming all sweaty. Inside the boot, it is fitted with a molded EVA and brushed nylon sock liner and the boot has a carbon rubber cup sole.

At just 2 pounds, these boots are very light in weight. Rubber nodes on the soles enhance traction so you can climb and walk without slipping and falling. The boots are not waterproof but this also acts as a benefit to those with sweaty feet. The mesh upper design of the boot allows moisture to escape and cool air to enter the boot so your feet won’t become smothered.

One of the most outstanding features of these boots is the look of these shoes. They are gorgeous and available at a very affordable price.


  • Shoe type - Hiking boot
  • Weight - 2 pounds
  • Colors - Dark brown/red and chocolate chip/ginger red
  • Sizes - 7-13 US
  • Materials - 100% suede leather, rubber sole, mesh upper and EVA and brushed nylon sock liner
  • Waterproof - No
  • Special tech - Breathable and very light


  • The boots are very light and won’t make you feel tired on hikes or during busy workdays at all
  • The boots look very stylish and are available in two different colors
  • These boots are breathable which keeps your feet nice and dry as you travel
  • The boots are highly durable
  • Insoles can be replaced with specialized soles for a more comfortable fit
  • The boots are very affordable
  • It is a suitable boot for various hiking expeditions and will offer you the needed protection and support on these trips.


  • Mud tends to collect in deep threads
  • No waterproofing

Final Verdict

Both of these boots are superb picks for your next big hiking adventure. If you have a hard time choosing the best then perhaps this following little guide can be helpful;

The overall best - Overall we just cannot get enough of the Sketchers boots. They just look great, the waterproofing makes them suited for wild terrains and the memory foam inserts do enhance your wearing comfort significantly.

 The budget-friendly - The Nevados Men’s boots are the more affordable pick yet are still just as stylish and popular.

The best for a variety of adventures - The Sketchers boots are best for adventure lovers who constantly enjoy different types of adventures. They offer more protection including rain protection.

The best for hiking - The Nevados boots might be the better pick for those long hiking expeditions. These boots are lighter and the breathable mesh keeps your feet from becoming all sweaty inside the boots.

We hope that this product review was helpful for guiding you to the right pair of hiking boots to get. And if you are also in the market for some other hiking, backpacking or adventure accessories then we welcome you to hop over to our other product reviews to learn more about these. 

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