ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4 Tent Review

The North Face Alpine Guide 2 Tent Review

Camping is a great recreational activity that allows you to take a break from the everyday routine and connect with nature. It’s more fun when you have the right camping gear, especially the right tent.

When you’re out camping, a sleeping bag is just not enough. A good tent can provide you with extra comfort and security. But which one should you get?

This is where the North Face Alpine Guide 2 tent comes in. It’s an excellent, portable, and well-made tent that is ready to provide you comfort during your nights in the cold.

Here we review what makes it stand out, and if it will give you a run for your money. 

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First Thoughts About the Tent

The Alpine Guide 2’s hybrid design means that it will work well in any setting, from low elevation environments to high alpine settings.

The tent ensures that you get 4-season protection without being bogged down by extra weight.

Its double walls provide adequate airflow and high ventilation, and its durable build shows that it can withstand even the harshest environments.

The easy-pitch design makes setting it up a breeze.

Important Specs at a Glance

  • Type: Hybrid design tent
  • Weight: 2.6 kg/5 pounds
  • Price: $279.30
  • Capacity: 2 People
  • Season: 4-Season
  • Material: Nylon

Quick Look at Tent Features

  • DAC stakes
  • DAC featherlight aluminum poles
  • Easy-pitch design
  • Dual top vents for more breathability
  • Super-durable architecture
  • Rear hatchback door
  • Large vestibule for your gear
  • North Face limited lifetime warranty

What We Love: Our Top 3 Alpine Guide 2 Features

It was hard to settle on just three components, but the following are our 3 favorite features of the North Face Alpine Guide 2 tent. We’ve chosen these features based on their uniqueness when compared to other tent models.

Alpine Guide 2’s material and build

The material of a tent influences its quality and durability. Even if a tent has a good build, it won’t last very long if the fabric is flimsy.

The North Face Alpine Guide 2 is made from nylon material that is not only lightweight, but also breathable and durable. The fly and canopy are made of 30D nylon ripstop, and the fly has a 1,500 mm PU coating. The floor is made of 40D nylon with a 3,000 mm PU coating, and the mesh is made of 15D nylon material.

This tough build can withstand even the harshest environments.

Alpine Guide 2’s breathability

We all know how important ventilation is for a tent. That is why many tents are made with breathable material. Even though you may want the tent to be warm and cozy, it will also need some fresh air as well.

When it comes to the North Face Alpine Guide 2 tent, it has mesh components to allow some air in. It’s also equipped with an escape-hatch door on the back for additional ventilation and easy access to go outside.

The tent has two added vents on the top for even more ventilation, and the double-wall construction of the tent allows more airflow inside.

Alpine Guide 2’s easy setup

Many people prefer a tent that they can set up instantly. The North Face Alpine Guide 2 has been made with that in mind, and it’s effortless to set it up thanks to its easy-pitch design.

Main Overview of the Alpine Guide 2

Tent Weather-Proof Ability

As much as we would all love to travel in perfect weather, that’s not always the case. Sometimes the weather can suddenly change and throw us off-guard.

Well, with the right tent, you don’t have to be worried about the weather. The North Face Alpine Guide 2 tent is made with the weather in mind, as it can withstand all 4 seasons. It will help you stay cozy and warm in the colder months, but at the same time, will provide enough ventilation in the hotter months.

With the mesh, you can be sure that the bugs will be locked out. The material is very waterproof, especially the fly and floor, giving you the confidence that no water will slip in.

That being said, the tent is not the best for use in areas with very heavy rainfall, as the walls themselves are not completely waterproof.

If you’re traveling in a cold area, it’s also your responsibility to bring something to keep warm with. You’ll need extra blankets, in addition to your sleeping bag or mattress, to lock out the cold.

Tent Comfort

Even though the material used is sturdy, it may not protect you from raging winds. This means that you need to place and secure the tent strategically depending on the direction of the wind and how strong the gusts are. 

You might have to invest in an air mattress and pillows if you are looking to be extra cozy, as the bottom of the tent is not very plush.

Tent Poles

The poles are made of DAC Featherlite NSL™ aluminum to ensure they are extra sturdy and durable, so you shouldn’t have any trouble keeping your tent upright.

Tent Storage

The tent has a large vestibule of 10.3 ft² in the front that you can use to store all your gear, leaving you with more room to stretch out your legs.

Tent FAQs

If you’re curious to know some more about the North Face Alpine Guide 2, take a look at a couple of the most frequently asked questions.

When can you use the Alpine Guide 2?

As mentioned before, this is a 4-season tent that can be used in almost any weather. However, it’s not advisable to use it in an area with very heavy rains, as the water can leak in.

What is the Alpine Guide 2’s footprint?

A footprint is a cover that protects your tent’s floor from water and abrasion, thereby extending the life of your tent. The Alpine Guide 2’s footprint is sold separately for about $45.

Our Final Thoughts

The North Face Alpine Guide 2 makes a great tent if you want to have fun in the outdoors without worrying about your comfort or safety. It’s sturdy and durable, and at the same time, very lightweight and portable. Furthermore, you have the convenience of easily setting it up and taking it down again.

With this tent, you get exceptional performance effortlessly.

We hope that this Alpine Guide 2 tent review was of value to you. Happy camping!