8 Person Tents Reviewed

8 Person Tents Reviewed

Every year there are around 40 million people that go camping in the United States alone. Even though there are several ways to camp, in an RV, a hammock, cabins or right out under the stars, most people enjoy using a tent.

A lot of people like the idea of going camping, but my not like the idea of sleeping inside of a small tent. Thankfully, if that’s the case, or you’re just camping with a larger group of people, there are 8 person tents available.

These tents often are broken down into multiple rooms and give you plenty of space to set up inside how you like it! We wanted to share with you two popular 8-person tents and everything that makes them great. Let’s jump into it.

Tent Reviews

Below you’ll read in-depth reviews about each tent, along with honest pros and cons and all the great features each tent has. There are a ton of different tents on the market, but we wanted to share with you two we think stand out from the rest.

Tahoe Gear Padrio 8 Person Quick Set Tent

Tahoe Gear Padrio 8 Person Quick Set Tent

The first tent on this list is 13 feet by 9 feet and is perfect for up to 8 adults. One of the great things about this tent is that you’re able to have it be one giant room, or turn it into two seperate rooms.

This tent has an additional rain fly that can be attached to keep out the rain, or give you a bit more shade inside the tent. The door is D-shaped, so you have plenty of room to get in and out!

A feature that sets this tent apart is the fast-pitch technology it’s made with. This technology makes it easy to set up the tent in less than a minute! No more confusing directions or frustrating stakes and poles with this Tahoe Gear tent.

There is a coating on the outside walls of the tent that propel rain and keep you dry in bad weather. There are several windows around the entire tent that have mesh lining. The mesh allows a cool breeze to come in so the inside of the tent doesn’t get too warm, while keeping bugs and pesky mosquitoes out.                                                                                                  

Key Features:

  • Water resistant outer walls
  • 2 room configuration
  • Push of a button set-up
  • Several windows



  • Lightweight (less than 24 pounds)
  • Easy to set up
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • High quality flooring


  • Tends to leak when it rains

The second tent we’ll be discussing is a massive tent that has plenty of room to spare. It has two doors for easy access and six giant windows that allow cool air to flow in from any direction, while keeping annoying bugs away.

The tent has a bathtub style floor which prevents any water coming in from under the tent, keeping you and your belongings dry in any situation. There is also a rainfly that keeps out water and adds a bit of much needed shade.

Unlike most other tents on the market, this Gigatent has nearly vertical walls, giving you much more room inside. It can be one giant tent, or separated into three individual rooms. Thanks to the two doors, you won’t have to worry about entering in another room in order to enter or leave.

The walls are made out of polyester and they have a polyurethane coating that makes it more durable, and less prone to rips, tears are water damage. With the window covers rolled down, the tent almost resembles a screen house!

It’s relatively lightweight, weighing in at just under 40 pounds. The total floor space you’ll get is 15 feet by 10 feet. Lastly, it comes with extra stakes and materials needed in case you lose any while on a grand adventure!                      

Key Features:

  • Transforms into 3 rooms
  • Vertical walls
  • Bathtub style floor
  • Multiple doors
  • 6 windows
  • Doubles as a screen house


  • Plenty of room
  • Multiple sleeping areas
  • Durable walls
  • Two doors
  • Extra head space
  • Waterproof flooring


  • A little expensive
  • May take a while to set up

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to camping, there are a lot of factors that can change whether or not you have an amazing trip or not. Making sure you have a great tent for you and your camping buddies is key. Below you’ll find some of the most important things to keep in mind when you’re shopping for your next tent!


Obviously when you’re looking at buying an 8-person tent, the amount of space you have plays a big role. As you’ve read above, 8-person tents come in a variety of different sizes. When shopping around for your next tent, consider if you’re going with mostly adults, or if there will be a lot of children there.

An 8-person tent can fit 8 adults, but it can also fit between 10 and 12 kids! One last thing you may want to consider when it comes to size, is making sure there is plenty of space for taller campers. You wouldn’t want someone who is over 6 foot in a tent that only have 6 ½ feet of room.


Just like everything else in life, money plays a role as well. One thing you should be aware of is that 8-person tents come at a variety of different price points. You can find some for under $50, while others will cost you closer to $500.

When it comes to the price of a tent, a lot of it is based off of features. If you don’t need extra rooms, several windows, the ability to assemble itself and storage built into the tent, you’re more likely going to be able to find one with a smaller price tag.



On that note, with an 8-person tent another feature you should consider is the amount of rooms in can be turned into. The ones above can be transformed into two and three rooms. This can play a large role if you want to split up couples, adults and kids, or even just have a room for your stuff, and a room to sleep in.

The rooms can also be different sizes. Some tents have it so the divider is right in the center of the tent, making it fairly even; while others have the dividers set up in a way where one room is larger than the others.


I don’t know about you, but climbing over 7 other people to get to the door to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night doesn’t sound like fun. A feature that may be important, and that is found in larger tents are multiple doors. This makes it easy for everyone to get in and out without disturbing others.

Water Resistant

Lastly, make sure the tent you’re going to buy is water resistant. This could come in the form of a rainfly, a bathtub style floor, or a special coating on the outer walls. This will help to keep you and all of your belongings dry.

Bottom Line

Hopefully now you’re one step closer to finding the perfect tent for you. It may be one of the two reviewed above, or another awesome 8-person tent on the market. We wanted to showcase these two tents because we believe that they stand out from the rest and the price cannot be beat!

 Remember to keep in mind everything you read about in the buyer’s guide to find a tent that works well for you. Good luck shopping and make sure to have some amazing adventures along the way!

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